What is hate?

How do you prevent something hard to define?
Hate … it has many definitions, and manifests itself in such various ways, yet, I think we all have a pretty good grasp of what hate really is, and what we mean when we say we are motivated to prevent its destructive properties. Let’s face it. Hate will always exist, but it can still be prevented. Preventing hate is not just about interrupting it after it occurs. Focusing on prevention sets into motion a process that uses integrated strategies to dissolve opportunities for hate to take over lives and communities. Prevention is the key to prosperity. Of course we could philosophize about the principles of hate for a long time, but at the end of the day, whether we agree on its exact definition or motivation, we do know some things.
Hate destroys individuals and communities.
Hate consumes individuals and communities.
Hate stunts individuals and communities.
Hate often results in the victimization of innocent people.
Welcome to PREVENT HATE’s blog, where we aim to become the web’s premier provider of best practices and insights into methods and strategies that prevent hate, foster coexistence, and promote social development. You will not find politicized advocacy nor political correctness here. We don’t adhere to the archaic and worthless method of identifying a problem and then doing little more than publicly shaming the offending party, expecting them to change on their own under threat of punishment. What you will find is focus on this very important issue, bringing creativity, opportunities to develop new allies to help move beyond a dysfunctional status quo, and hope … always hope … to the table. We are proud to offer you an excellent, and expanding, group of experts, including the staff of the Los Angeles City Commission on Human Relations.
That’s right. Los Angeles’ very own professional team working directly to cultivate more harmonious relations between millions of residents are available here exclusively at PREVENT HATE’s blog providing wisdom and opportunities to engage them with questions and comments from anywhere in the world. You have entered a context-driven zone where we walk our talk and therefore offer ourselves here as strategic, online partners to anybody who may gain from our collective expertise. We encourage massive communication on this blog with diverse opinions and ideas. The time has definitely come for us all to strive to make the world a better place instead of waiting for others to do it for us. Now let’s get busy.
Prevent hate!

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  1. Hate, to me, is any time there is a lack of compassion, kindness, respect for others’ diversity/feelings/thoughts, and lack of understanding. It cuts across all borders, and hurts all races, colors, creeds, genders, nationalities, cultures, religious/spiritual persuasions, and species. It is the erroneous belief that someone is better than, or more entitled than, someone else, based upon any prejudice. It hurts those it is directed against, sometimes grievously; but bottom line, it always hurts the HATER most of all.

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