Israeli Jew builds mosque in France

I always say if we want peace in the Middle East to stand a chance we have to tell our politicians to back off, or better yet, Muslims and Jews would need to get together and tell the rest of the world to back off and let them make peace amongst themselves all on their own.  Sure they can do it!

If you look back in history, whenever Muslims and Jews lived together in harmony, their combined forces, with knowledge, science and commerce made their communities thrive.
Sadly in our lifetime, it’s almost as if they are purposely being manipulated to be at odds with each other, living in constant turmoil and kept apart only to serve other people’s political and economic agendas.

Israeli millionaire builds mosque in France – Israel Activism, Ynetnews
Jewish businessman Robert Harush who grew up in Ashkelon spends fortune on renovation of large Muslim house of worship in Montereau, in effort to promote co-existence
An unlikely benefactor. An Ashkelon resident who made a fortune in the European real estate business has decided to pay for the construction of a mosque in France for the benefit of the local Muslim community.

Father of four Robert Harush, 58, grew up in Ashkelon and having completed his military service tried his luck in the real estate business in Europe. His success has won him many hotels and buildings and he is estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of shekels.

In other news….

(JTA) — A practicing Muslim and an Orthodox Jew have been chosen to run a New Jersey city.

Mohammed Hameeduddin was chosen last week by the Teaneck, N.J. township council to serve as mayor and Adam Gussen was chosen as deputy mayor. The sitting councilmen were appointed by the township council each for a two-year term.

The men attended middle school together in Teaneck and both attended Rutgers University, according to ABC News.

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