Would you Like to Blog for PREVENT HATE?

Are you interested in making a difference in the world through blogging about relevant social issues? Do you have a lot to say, and are looking for a platform to say it?

If so, PREVENT HATE may be looking for you! We are now recruiting bloggers to engage the public in discussion about issues involving hate crimes, violence, genocide, war, conflict, domestic violence … you name it … as long as it fosters, or results, in hate, we are willing to discuss it, and offer solutions.

PREVENT HATE is a nonprofit organization with a global outreach headquartered in Los Angeles. We are a premier provider of customized programs and services that foster social development. We actively provide strategic resources and partners to struggling communities and individuals in order to diminish motives for conflict and violence.

PREVENT HATE does not merely identify social problems, but actively gets engaged whenever possible to solve them. 

Our Witness Humanity program brings adversaries together, teaches them a curriculum in sustainable development, and then takes them to an area in need of urgent assistance where they work hand in hand healing the environment and providing “green”solutions to communities-in-need. 

Our Genocide Survivors Engaging At-Risk Youth program brings survivors of genocide, war crimes, and severe crimes against humanity to schools with high populations of at-risk youth to provide the students with real-life role models who understand the destructive properties of hate, and who dedicate themselves to make a positive contribution to society even after experiencing the worst forms of adversity. These are just two examples of what we do.

PREVENT HATE offers numerous other innovative programs and services, which you can view on our website. We are now looking to build our blog into the internet’s foremost site for people to come and learn about problematic conflicts in the world, as well as best practices to solve them, promote healing, and of course, to prevent hate! If you would like to become a PREVENT HATE blogger and social media expert, contact us.

This is a volunteer opportunity to begin with. For more information about PREVENT HATE, visit us online at:

Contact us a communications@preventhate.org to express your interest!

We look forward to hearing from you!



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