Upcoming Meeting: California State Advisory Committee for US Commission on Civil Rights

There will be a meeting of the California State Advisory Committee for the US Commission on Civil Rights on August 11 at 9:00 a.m. in downtown L.A. It’s a public meeting, so all Californians are welcome to come and discuss civil rights issues you feel need federal oversight in the state. For further details, you can write to us here at PREVENT HATE. Or feel free to send your thoughts to us, and Matt Rosenthal, PREVENT HATE’s president, will pass them along to the other committee members.


Green with Pride – San Diego

As you know, PREVENT HATE spent this past weekend at Green with Pride in San Diego, showcasing our Witness Humanity program, which works to resolve conflict by providing adversaries with the tools, resources, and arena to work together on sustainable development projects. We met many interesting people, and got to know about various “green” businesses. We were excited over the reception we received — people took a genuine interest and appreciation in how PREVENT HATE strives to promote human cooperation through eco-friendly projects.

Thank you to New Avenue Marketing for all their efforts putting on a great event. See you all next year!


Matthew Rosenthal, President of PREVENT HATE

PREVENT HATE at San Diego Green with Pride

Go green and prevent hate at the same time!

PREVENT HATE is proud to announce that we will be showcased at San Diego’s Green with Pride event — an eco-friendly zone at San Diego Gay Pride, which will take place this weekend, July 18-19. We will feature our original Witness Humanity program, which provides people in conflict with a curriculum in sustainable development, and an arena in which to implement their new skills.

If you are in the San Diego area, come on down to Balboa Park this weekend. Make your way over to the Green Zone, take the eco-friendly pledge, and help support PREVENT HATE at the same time. And while you are there, check out our friends at SolaRover too to learn more about how easy it is to convert to solar energy. After all, we are all in this world together.

PREVENT HATE’s Witness Humanity program is now available to resolve conflict, to provide at-risk individuals with eco-friendly vocational skills, and to develop communities-in-need with sustainable methods. This is part of PREVENT HATE’s way to solve complicated social problems through innovative methods — in this case, by bringing people together to nurture the environment, and to experience first-hand how cooperation fosters empowerment. Consider it our way to implement comprehensive healing wherever it is required.

We hope to see you there!

Reverend Phelps Targets Fairfax H.S.

Reverend Phelps’ “family” picketed Fairfax H.S. recently to protest our gay prom queen, the Gay Straight Alliance and the school’s gay friendly policy. Happy to say community supporters counter protested and outnumbered the crazies.

We had been notified 5 days before the protest that they were going to target our school.  Apparently they post their protest schedules on their website.   

On the day of the protest, LAPD had a huge presence on the perimeter of campus, teachers and aides were posted around the school and students were told to exit school away from the area of the protest.  The administration and teachers advised students to stay clear of the Phelps group.

My first instinct was to support students in the GSA who wanted to stage a counter protest.  However, the first priority is always to keep the students safe.  So, not knowing what to expect from Phelps’ group, I advised all students to stay as far away as possible.  The students in the GSA had spent a fantastic year working on projects and events that helped increase awareness and inclusion on the Fairfax campus.  I didn’t want their proactive works to be overshadowed by reacting to Phelps’ message.   I also know how hateful, homophobic and anti-Semitic their protests are, so by staying away, the students could help marginalize their message. 

After signing out for the day, I went to the front of the school to see the extent of the Phelps protest.  There were about eight protesters along with their hateful signs, restricted to the corner of Fairfax and Melrose.  To my surprise, a large contingent of local citizens had heard of the planned event and staged their own protest in support of Fairfax.  I joined the counter protesters to find a number of students from the GSA among the group.  I couldn’t have been prouder.  When interviewed by a local paper, the students responded to the message of hate with a positive, intelligent call for love and inclusion.  They were fantastic.

Click on the link to read about the day in the Park La Brea News

Fairfax anti-hate 2


Fairfax anti-hate 1