Update: First Ladies of Africa

Yes! We are finally bringing you some photos from the reception we co-hosted for many of Africa’s first ladies. PREVENT HATE has been busy out in the field, building, meeting, engaging, and doing what we do best … preventing hate. So, in a good way, our lack of updates means that we are actively working on your behalf out in the community. But we are going to do our best to be consistent here.
Speaking of Africa, PREVENT HATE has been in regular contact with the Magama Foundation, which is First Lady Tandja of Niger’s nonprofit, about building a training program with them for Niger. Together with the Los Angeles City Department on Disability, our strategic partner with whom we are corroborating on this program, we are getting ready for our first assessment of one of Niger’s big projects. Once we have some relevant info. for you, we’ll post it. 

In the meantime, check out some great photos from our party on Monday, April 20, 2009 at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant here in Los Angeles.


 First ladies arrive at reception (from L to R: Mozambique, Cape Verde, Niger)


First Ladies in front of PH step and repeat


Anthony Edwards arrives


Anthony Edwards in front of PH step and repeat


 Darryl Hanna arrives


Darryl Hanna in front of PH step and repeat

Ted Alemayhu of US Doctors For Africa, First Lady Biya of Cameroon, Pras Michel, and Lawrence Bender


First ladies of Africa on the patio

First ladies of Africa at evening reception

Sydney Poitier and Sheryl Crow having fun 

Sydney Poitier and Sheryl Crow at Evening Reception

Goldie Hawn and first ladies of Africa

Goldie Hawn and first ladies of Africa

Alfre Woodard and guest having a good time

Alfre Woodard at reception for first ladies

Drummers jamming.

Drummers at evening reception


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  1. […] you probably remember, PREVENT HATE loves to party with first ladies. For the First Lady of Zambia, we partnered with FOX ENTERTAINMENT to host a social gathering on […]

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