Update: Lost Boys of Sudan at Hollywood High School

The Lost Boys of Sudan were really well received at Hollywood High School. They shared stories. They played music. They laughed. They danced. They engaged the students to put their own troubles into perspective, and encouraged them to reject hate and make a positive contribution to society. Overall, the program was a huge success, and really impacted Hollywood High’s at-risk students. This was a great cross-cultural event. Imagine youth playing music together — one from Africa using makeshift instruments from his refugee camp, and the rest from Hollywood using modern instruments. Amazing experience … 


The music really helped crystalize the stories in the minds of the students, and showed that even after so much adversity, the need to celebrate life is strong. This program showed the triumphant power of the human spirit. We’ll have a video of it ready soon.


PREVENT HATE is working to inspire our youth to be better tomorrow than they are today.
Here is a quote from one of their teachers:
“Through guest speakers like Benson and Alephonsian Deng, PREVENT HATE puts a human face on one of the great tragedies of our modern world. Hollywood’s students were deeply affected by their story of the destructive properties of violence in Sudan. But more importantly, students were fortunate to have met these living examples of the human potential to persevere, to overcome, and to inspire others. Our schools need more programs like this. I look forward to working with PREVENT HATE again.”
Benson Deng and students2
Benson Deng playing music with students
Alephonsion Deng speaking to students
Alepho Deng at HHS

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