New Training Program: Socioeconomic Development Training to Empower At-Risk and Marginalized Populations

PREVENT HATE and the City of Los Angeles are corroborating on a public-private partnership in order to provide customized training to governments (including the military and other first responder teams), international agencies, and other relevant entities to empower their at-risk populations, which include people living with disabilities, to become independent and self-sufficient through socioeconomic procedures that facilitate their participation in mainstream society. To do so, we have come together to:
  • Provide hands-on training with leaders and experts from governmental agencies, businesses, law firms, universities, and nonprofit organizations to ensure  all programs and services offer best practices.

  • Supply governments and other entities with comprehensive strategies that include community development, community integration, technical assistance, disaster preparedness, and modern public health.

  • Consult closely with clients, and customize programs to their specifications, to ensure that the requirements of each community are met.
For more information, contact PREVENT HATE at





  1. […] as well as how to foster self-sufficiency and independence. (And, yes, we happened to mention our training program that focuses on this issue.) The Los Angeles City Department on Disability and PREVENT HATE stressed the importance of […]

  2. […] On Monday, July 26, 2010, PREVENT HATE, in partnership with the City of Los Angeles Department on Disability, commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with an empowerment program directly on the lawn of Los Angeles City Hall at which U.S. veterans with disabilities built a house in just three hours. This was a public demonstration of PREVENT HATE and the Los Angeles Department on Disability’s joint training program that empowe…. […]

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