The Lost Boys of Sudan Visiting Hollywood High School

 Who are the Lost Boys?
In the mid 1980’s, troops of the oppressive fundamentalist government in Northern Sudan began attacking the Black Christian and animist villages in the south. As their houses burned, their parents killed, and their sisters taken into slavery, over 27,000 little boys fled into the night. Many no more than five or six years old, barefoot and naked, without food or water, began their epic journey that would take them a thousand miles across Sudan into Ethiopia. They crossed deserts and mountains, dodged enemy fire and wild animals and endured thirst, starvation and disease. Less than half survived.
Why are they visiting Hollywood High School?
PREVENT HATE is bringing the Lost Boys of Sudan to Hollywood High School to engage at-risk students through their story telling and music making.
Using make-shift instruments they found in their refugee camp to play their music, and telling personal stories of overcoming severe adversity and hardship at the hands of a violent and discriminatory government, the Lost Boys are coming to Hollywood High School to inspire the students to reject hate, and to make a positive contribution to society no matter what their own difficulties may be.
This is part of PREVENT HATE’s way of encouraging youth to dedicate themselves to make this world a place with less victims.

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